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The Jewish Journal
by Michelle K. Wolf

How do we collectively get our community to align its high values with everyday practice?

A new poll released today demonstrates the big gap between what we desire and what we actually have when it comes to welcoming Jews with disabilities. Although 89% of the Jews...

The Jewish Week

High school seniors in the New York metropolitan area, including New Jersey and Connecticut, will unite this Sunday night, Feb. 17, at 8 p.m., for an advocacy training webinar with Neil Lazarus of Awesome Seminars, one of Israel’s leading educators and communication experts.

The event is a joint...

Israel National News
by Mark Langfan

Dershowitz openly admitted he was wrong to have supported an Israeli withdrawal from the Golan Heights, in view of recent events in Syria.

?To a packed crowd of over 600 people at a Jerusalem U fundraiser at the Palm Beach Synagogue sponsored by William K. Langfan, Harvard...

Huffington Post
by Rabbi Adam Jacobs

Tal Ben Shahar's class in positive psychology was one of the most popular in the history of Harvard University. Yet despite his pedagogical success, four best-selling books, a consulting practice with Fortune 500 companies and sundry television appearances, he decided it was time...

The Times of Israel
by Prof. Alan Dershowitz

The world well knows of Israel’s military prowess in protecting its citizens against threats of terrorism and the even greater threat of a nuclear armed Iran.

If one were to put the word “Israel” on a Rorschach test,...

Israel 21C
by Viva Sarah Press

An evangelical pastor from Uganda turned to Israeli doctors for help, following an acid attack that severely burned his face, torso, and damaged his right eye. Pastor Umar Mulinde, who preaches support for Israel in his home country, is set …

An evangelical pastor from Uganda...

Jewish Press TV

Pastor Umar Mulinde was viciously attacked in his home country of Uganda in response to his work as a preacher. Friends from Israel's jumped in to help, bringing him to Israel for treatment in Tel HaShomer Sheba hospital's burn unit.

New Jersey Jewish News
by Matt Schuman

Naomi Vilko offers JerusalemOnline courses at Beth-El

Dr. Naomi Vilko knew she wanted to do something to counteract the increasingly ugly portrayal of Israel on college campuses, in the media, and in communities across the globe. The question was, how would the Princeton...

Jewish Exponent

On Sunday, March 25, will host a local premier of its latest film, Inside Israel -- which focuses on the positive contribution Israelis have made in various fields, rather than the Israeli-Arab conflict — at a screening at Adath Israel in Merion Station. 

The program will...

Jerusalem Post Blog
by Michael Ordma

The festival of Rosh Hashana, amongst other things, marks the anniversary of the creation of mankind. So as we begin the Hebrew year 5773 this is an excellent opportunity to celebrate the creativity of the citizens of the Jewish State.

Israeli researchers and bio-techs...