The Jewish community reacts to antisemitism’s rise on campuses

The Jewish Community Voice

Just hours after Yom Kippur’s end, AEPi fraternity brothers at Emory University awoke to find swastikas spray-painted outside their Jewish fraternity house.

Sadly, this was just the latest in a growing number of incidents targeting Jewish students and pro- Israel groups to have taken place on college campuses. It is not only necessary for the Jewish community to pay attention to these acts, but to step up efforts to counter them.

Consider that just weeks prior to the Emory incident, fliers circulated around the University of California, Santa Barbara campus declaring that “9/11 Was an Outside Job,” with a large blue Star of David. At Ohio University last month, a student senate president doused herself in fake blood on video while urging students to boycott Israel. And at New York University and the University of Michigan, mock eviction notices were slipped under the dormroom doors of Jewish students.

Among efforts to combat this hate, we applaud the Simon Wiesenthal Center for going high-tech for a solution with CombatHateU. Joined by AEPi international fraternity leaders earlier this month, the Center announced the launch of the free mobile app that will give college students a way to immediately report incidents of antisemitism on campus.

Education is another powerful weapon. To that end, Zeev Ben-Shachar, Jerusalem U’s director of Israel education, is coming to the Jewish Community Campus to speak about the fundamentals of Israel advocacy on Nov. 2. By gaining a better understanding of the Arab-Israeli conflict, attendees will be better able to engage in fact-based, pro- Israel conversations. The event is being co-sponsored by BBYO, Jerusalem U and the JCRC.

As the saying goes, “the best defense is a good offense.” It’s good to know the Jewish community is preparing itself. .

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