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The Times of Israel

In a few days, moms, dads, grandparents and friends will sit down at the heads of tables, open the Passover Haggadah, take a deep breath, and launch into the telling of a strange, ancient, symbolism-packed tale. The interactive evening, complete with matzah, drops of wine, hidden afikomen packets, and...

Rabbi Raphael Shore

Canadian born Israeli educator, writer‚ film producer‚ and Rabbi‚ Raphael Shore, is the founder of Jerusalem U. The Organization aims to address the prevalent and growing need to educate and inspire the new generation about Judaism and Israel. Jerusalem...

Middle East Eye
By Daniel Tepper

This past Saturday night, close to 600 filmgoers gathered at the Cinema City complex in Jerusalem to attend the Israeli premier of Beneath The Helmet, a documentary film showing Israeli youths entering their compulsory military service after graduating high school. 


The Jerusalem Post
By Greer Fay Cashman

Almost everyone who attended the Jerusalem premiere at Cinema City of Beneath the Helmet, the new documentary created on behalf of Jerusalem U, a nonprofit that utilizes film to promote Israel and Jewish education, came away enthusing over the production. The film follows...

The Jerusalem Post
By Aviv Regev

If you could see me today, a few months after finishing five years as a commanding officer of more than 300 paratroopers, you would never believe that on the day of my IDF enlistment I was a scrawny 108-pound guy with glasses and a dust allergy.

Today, I am 24 years old,...

The Jerusalem Post
By Christine Rytter

The timing couldn't of been better. Soon after Operation Protective Edge has placed the issue of IDF service back in the forefront of the Israeli consciousness, a new feature-length documentary about the process Israeli youth go through on the way to becoming soldiers is about...

The Jewish Community Voice

Just hours after Yom Kippur’s end, AEPi fraternity brothers at Emory University awoke to find swastikas spray-painted outside their Jewish fraternity house.

Sadly, this was just the latest in a growing number of incidents targeting Jewish students and pro- Israel groups to have taken...

New Jersey Jewish News
by Robert Wiener

Leaders of the Jewish federations in Monmouth and Middlesex counties want to convince more Jews to support Israel.

Despite widespread political support for Israel and the success of recent emergency campaigns, Keith Krivitzky, executive director of the Jewish...

Jewish Tribune
by: Suri Epstein

The elusive search for happiness is a popular topic that’s been explored through widely varying platforms. An ever-increasing number of popular self-help books continues to flood the market while the results of academic studies often don’t make their way to the public eye.


Sun Sentinel
By Randall P. Lieberman

It's easy to see why Israeli native Tal Ben-Shahar was considered possibly the most popular professor ever at Harvard University.

Ben-Shahar spoke recently at three special seminars on happiness, titled "Habits of Happiness," which he presented to the South Florida...