Founders Message

I founded Jerusalem U for one reason. I want young Jews to feel proud of being Jewish and emotionally connected to the Land of Israel. 

People express their Jewish identity and connect to their heritage in different ways. For some, it’s about membership and belonging. For others, it’s about their love for the State of Israel or a deep appreciation for Judaism. 

It is my aspiration that Jews who participate in our programs will walk away feeling: 

Wow, I love being Jewish.
I am part of an extraordinary people;
a people who has done more to refine the world than any other group;
a people with incredible resilience, who has survived and thrived against all odds, and has rebirthed the moral and modern state of Israel;
a people whose values and wisdom are constant, relevant, and foster virtuous, meaningful living.
I am so fortunate to be Jewish and I want to contribute to my people and our future.

Give me a million people and watch what happens!