JU MAX SyllabusJU MAX Syllabus

Join JU MAX for an amazing 10 weeks - September 18 - November 20 - and earn a massive Israel scholarship. Amazing.
JU MAX meets Monday nights from 9 - 11 PM Eastern Time.


Week One: Sep 18:

Program Intro and Orientation
Topic One: Faith vs. Knowledge: the prerequisites for belief
Topic Two: Judaism 101: monotheism and pleasure – the basics of Jewish thought

Week Two: Sep 25:

Topic One: The Cycle of Time: the Jewish calendar as a tool for growth
Topic Two: Guest Speaker: The Kabbalah of You (understanding the mystical root of your personality)

Week Three: October 2:

Topic One: The Jewish View of Love, Relationships, and Sex
Topic Two: Success: It’s hip. It’s multimedia.

Week Four: October 9:

Topic One: The Jewish View of Prayer: Do I have to do it? Do I have to do it in Hebrew?
Topic Two: The Kosher Laws: a Jewish party in your stomach

Week Five: October 16:

Topic One: The Seven Wonders of Jewish History: understanding the miracle of Jewish survival
Topic Two: Guest Speaker: The 7 Traits of Leadership and Responsibility

Week Six: October 23:

Topic One: The Jewish Experience at Mt. Sinai: what happened and why does it matter?
Topic Two: Is the Torah we have today the same as the one we started out with? Plus: The Moon Cycle Code

Week Seven: October 30:

Topic One: Give Me a Break: Understanding the Shabbos and the essentials of rest
Topic Two: Guest Speaker: Israel!

Week Eight: November 6:

Topic One: The Chosen People: is it a racist idea? Are the Jews really chosen?
Topic Two: More Multimedia Hipness: Exploring the Harmony between Torah and Science

Week Nine: November 13:

Topic One: Heavy Duty Thinking: free will – philosophy, implications, and practical applications
Topic Two: Open Forum: send in your questions - no holds barred - and they will get answered (we hope)

Week Ten: November 20:

Topic One: History of Oral Law: What is it and why does it matter?
Program Wrap-up and Finale