Really? I can earn a free trip to Israel by doing this?

Yes you can. Your time is valuable. It is not unusual to get paid a stipend or to earn a travel grant to research a specific topic or work in a lab. This is similar. And the Israel scholarship is incredible. Depending on the program you choose you earn a travel voucher for an Israel trip that will make your cost either free or as low as $200.

What time do classes start each week?

Just to clarify, I can either choose a either a free trip to Israel or a trip that costs $200?

How do I earn college credit?

Can I choose any Israel trip I want or just choose to travel to Israel on my own?

Is acceptance to an Israel program automatic?

How does JU MAX work?

What happens if I miss a session?

I don't get it. Do I watch a video each week? Is the instructor a talking head?

What are the requirements I need to fulfill to earn my Israel trip?

If a live event is scheduled in my area, do I have to attend?

Is the one-on-one, in-person meeting a program requirement?

What are the system requirements I need to participate?

You need a computer and a broadband internet connection. To be inserted in the virtual classroom you need a webcam and microphone – it is preferable that you plug into a landline (as opposed to wireless) as well. JU Max is hosted on a Flash-based system and (at least for now) will not work on an iPad or iPhone.

What if I don't want my face to be in the virtual classroom?

Is this safe?

Yes. JU MAX is a safe and secure environment. Please see our terms of service for more details.

Can my friends from other campuses participate?

Yes! Tell them to apply today.

What will I learn?

You will explore some of the most important issues concerning the relevance of Judaism in contemporary life. Some examples include the nature of free will, the intersection of faith and science, the Jewish historical experience, and the Jewish secrets of love and dating. Click here to see the full course outline.

Who is the instructor?

I can't go to Israel this summer, how long is the voucher good for

I already did Birthright, am I still eligible for this scholarship?

I still haven't been on Birthright, will this Israel trip disqualify me?

How do I earn back the $100 fee?

I already participated on an Israel trip or the Maimonides Leadership Fellowship with my rabbi on campus, am I still eligible for JU MAX?

How do I redeem my Israel Voucher?